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About Achievement Unlocked 3 Unblocked

Here comes the gaming hell again after the first and second version, and that’s called the Achievement Unlocked 3  . If you are an ordinary player of Achievement Unlocked 1Achievement Unlocked 2 then don’t wait, the latest 400 achievements are waiting for you this time in Achievement Unlocked 3 and  as always, once again play as the Blue Elephant as he makes his way through complex puzzle maps in his quest to earn all achievements and escape to freedom.
But beware as well. because someone is waiting for you, the King Hamster is not going to let this game work easy for you, and you just need to figure this out by yourself. While spikes, flaming rodents, and perilous pits await you, ultimately your foe is time itself. So once again good luck with this adventures Achievement phase and don’t forget to have fun with every Achievement you got with this game of Achievement Unlocked 3 Flash Game.

Controls to Play Achievement Unlocked 3

Again!!! use the Arrow Keys, Game Saves automatically between rooms. Have an elephantastic adventure!

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